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Raa-Rag     Rah-Rai     Raj-Raj     Rak-Ram     Ran-Rao     Rap-Rat     Rau-Ray     Raz-Red     Ree-Reh    Rei-Ren     Rep-Ric     Rid-Rit     Riv-Rob     Roc-Rog     Roh-Ros     Rot-Rox     Roy-Rug     Ruh-Rut     Ruz-Ryt    
Mr Anthony ReeceDr D Aled ReesDr Richard G ReesDr Luke A Regan
Dr Ashley ReeceProfessor David C ReesMr Robin J ReesDr Marian R Regan
Mr Philip H J ReeceDr David H E ReesMr Rowland ReesMr Michael W Regan
Dr Richard ReeceDr Elizabeth ReesDr Sara C ReesDr Shelley V E A Regan
Dr Alison ReedDr Gareth ReesDr Sheridan (Ted) ReesDr Kanchan Rege
Dr Anna K ReedProfessor Geraint E ReesDr Yvonne ReesDr Samar Reghunandanan
Dr Elizabeth A ReedDr Gerwyn ReesDr Jacqueline E Rees-LeeDr J Mark Regi
Dr Emma-Kate ReedDr Harvey J ReesDr Dravendranath ReetooMr Philip W Reginald
Dr James D ReedDr Helen L ReesDr Abigail A ReeveDr Shishir K Regmi
Miss Joanna B ReedDr Huw G ReesDr Alexandra E ReeveMr Andreas Rehm
Dr John R ReedDr Ian W ReesDr Ian R ReeveDr Amer K Rehman
Dr Malcolm F ReedDr Jeremy ReesDr Jac ReeveDr Amin U Rehman
Professor Malcolm W R ReedProfessor Jeremy ReesDr Robert G ReeveMr Atiq-ur Rehman
Mr Michael R ReedDr John I S ReesDr William G ReeveDr Habib Rehman
Dr Nicholas L ReedMr Jonathan D ReesDr Helen L ReevesDr Ijaz U Rehman
Mr Nicholas N ReedDr Jonathan D ReesDr Iain C ReevesDr Javed Rehman
Professor Nicholas S ReedProfessor Jonathan L ReesDr Ian G ReevesMr Khaleeq-Ur Rehman
Dr Paul ReedMr Jonathan R E ReesDr Rafik I S RefaatDr M Tariq A Rehman
Dr Paul F ReedDr Julia A ReesDr David ReffittDr Muhammad Rehman
Dr Phillip D ReedDr Katharine S ReesDr Alicia R RefsonMr Muhammad S U Rehman
Dr Alun ReesDr Leanne M ReesMr Jonathan RefsonDr R Hafiz Ur Rehman
Ms Angela L ReesProfessor Lesley ReesMiss Sigrid E RefsumDr Saad-Ur Rehman
Dr Charlotte N ReesDr Mandy ReesDr Fiona A M ReganDr Salma Rehman
Mr Chris ReesDr Martyn ReesDr Fiona M ReganMr Shafiq Rehman
Dr Clare E ReesProfessor Michael R ReesDr Joan M ReganDr Shazza Rehman
Professor Colin ReesMr Myrddin ReesDr Kathryn J ReganDr Thaj A Rehman

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