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PhraseConsultantTownSpecial Interests
complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery - degenerative*Consultant(s)**Towns*Deep brain stimulation - Parkinson's disease, dystonia, tremor, pain, complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery - degenerative, trauma, tumours, metastases, general neurosurgery - complex hydrocephalus, Chiari malformation, syrinx, meningiomas, vascular, pain - spinal cord stimulation, trigeminal neuralgia, injections
degenerative and inflammatory arthritis*Consultant(s)**Towns*Hip and knee surgery, degenerative and inflammatory arthritis, osteochondral injuries of the knee, revision hip and knee surgery, knee arthroscopy, ACI - autologous chondrocyte implantation
degenerative cervical and lumbar conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spinal surgery, sciatica, degenerative cervical and lumbar conditions
degenerative conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Shoulder surgery, arthroscopy, sports injuries, joint replacement, degenerative conditions
degenerative conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex spinal neurosurgery, minimally invasive spinal surgery, spinal trauma, spinal tumours, degenerative conditions, metastatic spinal cord compression
degenerative conditions of the neck and lower back*Consultant(s)**Towns*Scoliosis, spinal deformity, spinal injury, degenerative conditions of the neck and lower back
degenerative conditions of the upper limb*Consultant(s)**Towns*Shoulder surgery, elbow surgery, sports injury, degenerative conditions of the upper limb
degenerative deformity lumbar spine*Consultant(s)**Towns*Lumbar spinal surgery, degenerative deformity lumbar spine, minimally invasive spinal surgery, spinal infection, spondylolysis repair in athletes
Degenerative dementia*Consultant(s)**Towns*Degenerative dementia, cognitive disorders
degenerative disc disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex spinal neurosurgery, spinal surgery, degenerative disc disease, spinal injury, syringomyelia
degenerative diseases*Consultant(s)**Towns*Behavioural neurology, dementia, stroke, degenerative diseases
degenerative diseases of the nervous system*Consultant(s)**Towns*Movement disorders, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, all general neurological disorders, neurological complications in obstetric practice
degenerative disorders*Consultant(s)**Towns*Pituitary disorders, meningioma, skull tumours, vascular neurosurgery, spinal surgery, degenerative disorders, intracerebral haemorrhage, image-guided neurosurgery
degenerative disorders*Consultant(s)**Towns*Parkinson's disease, migraine, degenerative disorders, movement disorders, mitochondrial disorders, restless legs syndrome
degenerative spinal conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Acute spinal conditions, spinal sports injuries, degenerative spinal conditions, spinal deformities, trauma
degenerative spinal conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Adult and paediatric spinal surgery, spinal deformity, spinal trauma, degenerative spinal conditions, infections and tumours of the spine
degenerative spinal conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Scoliosis, spinal tumours, kyphosis, congenital spinal disorders, degenerative spinal conditions, minimally invasive surgery, complex spinal trauma
degenerative spinal conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spinal surgery, degenerative spinal conditions, spinal deformity, spinal trauma, spinal tumours
degenerative spinal disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Pain management, neuropathic pain, degenerative spinal disease, cancer pain
degenerative spinal disorders*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex spine surgery, spinal tumours, back pain, spinal cord compression, degenerative spinal disorders, TB - tuberculosis of the spine, neck and arm pain
degenerative spinal disorders*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spinal surgery, degenerative spinal disorders, minimally invasive spinal surgery, management of spinal pain, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal tumours
degenerative spinal problems*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spinal surgery, adult spinal deformity, degenerative spinal problems, vertebroplasty, scoliosis
degenerative spine and disc disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Deep brain stimulation, neuro-oncology, degenerative spine and disc disease, hydrocephalus, peripheral nerve disease, surgery for pain and headache
degenerative spine surgery*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex spine, degenerative spine surgery, neuroregeneration, spinal tumours
Endoscopic spinal surgery for degenerative disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Endoscopic spinal surgery for degenerative disease, failed back surgery, accurate diagnosis with aware state spinal probing discography, gelstix, SpineJack treatment of osteoporotic fractures, mesenchymal stem cell disc augmentation
lumbar spine degenerative disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex spinal surgery, lumbar spine degenerative disease
mobilisation - manipulation under anaesthesia and pain management of degenerative joint disease of the spine and the limbs*Consultant(s)**Towns*Complex reconstruction and implant surgery of the foot and ankle, pain management - complex regional pain syndrome, surgical management of diabetic foot and ankle, surgical management of rheumatoid foot and ankle, musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal pain management of the spine, mobilisation - manipulation under anaesthesia and pain management of degenerative joint disease of the spine and the limbs
nonsurgical treatment of degenerative spinal conditions*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spinal neurosurgery, neck and spinal pain, minimally invasive spinal surgery, surgical treatment of disc pathology, nonsurgical treatment of degenerative spinal conditions
spasticity and degenerative spine disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Adult and paediatric neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, spasticity and degenerative spine disease
Spine surgery (degenerative*Consultant(s)**Towns*Spine surgery (degenerative, tumours, deformity, minimally invasive techniques), minimally invasive neurosurgery, endoscopic pituitary surgery, pain management (spine cord stimulation, trigeminal neuralgia), hydrocephalus and tumour surgery

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