DateCourseLocationPlaces LeftBooking
15th Jan 2018Mediation (5 days - 15-19 Jan)
London0Course Completed

24th Jan 2018Medico-Legal Essentials Course
London0Course Completed

25th Jan 2018Medico-Legal Clinical Negligence Course
London0Course Completed

21st Feb 2018Mediation (5 day 21-22 Feb and 6-8 Mar)
*with Scottish Mediation Register accreditation
Aberdeen0Course Completed

14th Mar 2018Medico-Legal Advanced Course
*NEW COURSE FOR 2018* now including courtroom skills
London0Course Completed

19th Mar 2018Mediation (5 days 19-23 Mar)London0Course Completed

23rd Apr 2018Mediation (5 days - 23-27 Apr)Manchester0Course Completed

8th May 2018Medico-Legal Essentials CourseLeeds0Course Completed

9th May 2018Medico-Legal Clinical Negligence CourseLeeds0Course Completed

4th Jun 2018Mediation (5 days - 04-08 Jun)London0Course Full

20th Jun 2018Medico-Legal Advanced Course
now including courtroom skills
London4Book Now

13th Sep 2018Mediation (5 day 13-14 and 26-28 Sep)
*with SMR accreditation
Aberdeen1Book Now

18th Sep 2018Medico-Legal Essentials CourseLondon20Book Now

19th Sep 2018Medico-Legal Clinical Negligence CourseLondon23Book Now

20th Sep 2018Medico-Legal Advanced Course
now including courtroom skills
London24Book Now

24th Sep 2018Mediation (5 days - 24-28 Sep)London3Book Now

15th Oct 2018Mediation (5 days - 15-19 Oct)Manchester3Book Now

21st Nov 2018Medico-Legal Essentials Course
Birmingham29Book Now

22nd Nov 2018Medico-Legal Clinical Negligence Course
Birmingham30Book Now

6th Dec 2018Medico-Legal Advanced Course
now including courtroom skills
London27Book Now

10th Dec 2018Mediation (5 days - 10-14 Dec)London3Book Now


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