Representative feedback for SpecialistInfo courses presented by Jonathan Dingle and Judith Kelbie


"Having no medico-legal experience, I found this to be an excellent course to introduce me to the field". (Standard Course) GP

"Overall the course highlighted issues for reporting that I had previously been unaware of"! (Standard Course) Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Report writing section was an excellent place to start for a novice"! (Standard Course) Consultant in Pain Management

"The course was extremely interesting and the delivery was excellent and entertaining. It held my attention the entire time"! (Standard Course) GP

"Very well run course. Excellent faculty"! (Clinical Negligence Course) Consultant in General Surgery

"Nice course - enjoyed it and would recommend"! (Clinical Negligence Course) GP

"All round excellent course"! (Advanced Course) Consultant in Neuroradiology

"Great fun! Classic blend of didactic instruction, confrontation and humour"! (Advanced Course) Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Very informative and excellent overview/update"! (Advanced Course) Consultant in Pain Management

"Very useful and well worthwhile the fee, many thanks"! (Advanced Course) Consultant in Sexual Health

"Well run, professional and enlightening. Will help a great deal with my practice"! (Advanced Course) Consultant in Orthopaedics

Previous Years

"Really excellent presenters - nice informal manner an d lots of knowledge around the subject". (Standard Course) Consultant in Psychiatry

"Concise, concentrated essence of the topic"! (Standard Course) Consultant in Cardiology

"I really enjoyed the course and found the faculty very informative and excellent at their work"! (Clinical Negligence) Consultant in Urology

"Entire course most useful". (Clinical Negligence) Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Another excellent SpecialistInfo Course, thank you"! (Advanced Course) GP - London

"Excellent update". (Advanced Course) Consultant in Neurology

"This is the best educational event I have attended in years - the speakers are exceptional". (Standard Course) GP Manchester

"Fantastic course - it will certainly make me feel considerably more comfortable in court". (Court Room Skills) Consultant in Colorectal Surgery

"This is my first formal training on this topic and I value it greatly". (Standard Course) Consultant in Pain

"Good delivery, emphasised important basic principles". (Clinical Negligence) Consultant in Endocrinology

"Very useful to me in terms of revalidation". (Clinical Negligence) Consultant in Psychiatry

"Very enthusiastic trainers - excellent facilitators". (Court Room Skills) Consultant in Anaesthesia

"The role play was excellent and the cross examination was an eye-opener"! (Court Room Skills) Consultant in Obstetrics

"Truly engaging style. Whole day excellent." Consultant in Radiology

"All sessions were interesting and informative" GP, Rochdale

"This is my first formal training on this subject and I value it greatly" Consultant in Endocrinology

"The faculty have been excellent - an engaging and stimulating course." Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Good delivery, emphasised important basic principles" Consultant in Diabetes

"Well informed and interesting speakers" GP, London

"Great style of presentation" Consultant in Neurology

"A good general refresher" Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Very good and informative" GP, London

"Good update - focussed on developments in last few years." Consultant in Anaesthetics

"The cross-examination was an eye-opener" Consultant in Pain Management

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, felt relaxed and I was not intimidated" Orthodontist

"Thoroughly useful & inspiring day!" Consultant in Vascular Surgery

"Very useful, enlightening & thought provoking" Consultant in Nephrology

"Well presented, thorough and clear." Physiotherapist

"There is always 'room for improvement' but I am not sure if anything can be improved in this case." Consultant in Gastroenterology

"Must be recommended for all people (doctors) thinking of embarking on medico-legal work." Consultant in Gastroenterology

"Excellent presenters & presentation of material. Engaging & informative." GP

"Excellent, interesting & very informative. High quality teaching." Anon

"A well organised course - updates very useful." Consultant in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

"Whole course was useful. Particularly structuring report." Consultant in Accident & Emergency

"This course was put together in such a relaxed flexible fashion that time never dragged..." Consultant in Neurosurgery

"An outstanding introduction to medico-legal work." Consultant in Ear Nose Throat

"I found the whole course first class." Consultant in Ophthalmology

"All aspects covered were extremely useful." Consultant in Hepatology

"Interaction opportunities were excellent." GP, Birmingham

"Excellent, keen to put new information into practice." Consultant in Gastroenterology

"This was fantastic. Opened a new field to me." Consultant in Anaesthesia

"I found all the course most useful. I learnt a lot." Consultant in Pain Medicine

"The whole course was brilliantly enlightening and fun too." Consultant in Ophthalmology

"Excellent presenters and good material to take away." Consultant in Psychiatry

"A great and helpful insight into useful medico legal report preparation." Consultant in Cardiology

"An excellent course - all of it was useful and relevant. Clear and entertaining speakers." Consultant in Psychiatry

"Excellent question and answer sessions." Consultant in Ear, Nose and Throat

"Thank you for the medico legal training course today. It was really informative and the whole thing was very well presented. It has inspired me to develop this area of my practice further." Consultant in Paediatric Surgery

"Very well presented. Engaged throughout." Locum GP

"Great, clear, crisp presenters." Consultant in General Surgery

"The humour & style made the learning experience excellent." Consultant in Neurology

"I found it extremely useful & informative & it will change my practice." Consultant in Endocrinology

"Teaching style highly interactive, entertaining and stimulating." Consultant in Anaesthesia

"Very useful and enjoyable course." Consultant in General Medicine

"Excellent, will recommend to colleagues." Consultant in Orthopaedics

"Very confident presentation, excellent information & well communicated." Consultant in Sports Medicine

"Fantastic course." Consultant in Colorectal Surgery

"Excellent course, well developed and presented." GP, Scotland

"Very good course. Specific and pertinent." Consultant in Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

"The two instructors are really excellent. Very practical. Their first hand knowledge is revealing." Consultant in Accident and Emergency

"All interesting and thought provoking." Consultant in Emergency Medicine

"One of the best teaching courses I have attended." Consultant in Stroke Medicine

"Very informative and enjoyable day." Consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

"Excellent course - lots covered in a single day." Consultant in Orthopaedics

"All very useful, relevant & informative with good delivery & illustrative discussions/examples." Consultant in Radiology


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