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Saffron Walden Community Hospital[Saffron Walden] Spire Sussex Hospital[St Leonards on Sea]
Salford CAMHS[Salford] Spire Thames Valley Hospital[Slough]
Salford Clinic, The[Salford] Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital[Tunbridge Wells]
Salford Royal Hospital[Salford] Spire Washington Hospital[Washington]
Salisbury Community CAMHS[Salisbury] Spire Wellesley Hospital[Southend on Sea]
Salisbury District Hospital[Salisbury] Spire Windsor Clinic[Windsor]
Salus Occupational Health & Safety[Hamilton] Spire Yale Hospital[Wrexham]
Samedaydoctor[London] Spittal Street Centre[Edinburgh]
Samuel Johnson Community Hospital[Lichfield] Sport and Orthopaedic Clinic[Bristol]
Sancta Maria Hospital[Swansea] Sportswise[Eastbourne]
Sandringham House[Middlesbrough] Springboard Child Development Centre[Carlisle]
Sands Private Health Clinic[Llantrisant] Springfield Grange Private Clinic[Braddan]
Sandwell CAMHS[West Bromwich] Springfield Hospital (Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Ltd)[Chelmsford]
Sandwell CRHTT[Oldbury] Springfield University Hospital[London]
Sandwell General Hospital[West Bromwich] Springpark Mental Health Resource Centre[Glasgow]
Sandwell Park Hospital[Hartlepool] Springview[Bebington]
Sandyford[Glasgow] Springwell Centre[Barnet]
Savernake Hospital[Marlborough] St Albans CAMHS[St Albans]
Scanbury Ward[Orpington] St Albans Children's Centre[St Albans]
Scarborough General Hospital[Scarborough] St Albans City Hospital[St Albans]
Schoen Clinic London[London] St Albans CMHT[St Albans]
Scott Clinic[St Helens] St Albans Eye Care and Vision Centre[St Albans]
Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry[Glasgow] St Andrew's Healthcare[Northampton]
Scottish Orthodontic Centre[East Kilbride] St Andrew's Hospice[Airdrie]
Scottish Vein Centre[Edinburgh] St Andrews Community Hospital[St Andrews]
Scunthorpe General Hospital[Scunthorpe] St Andrews House[Derby]
Seacombe Children's Centre[Wallasey] St Ann's Hospice[Cheadle]
Seacroft Hospital[Leeds] St Ann's Hospice[Manchester]
Seaside View Child Development Centre[Brighton] St Ann's Hospital[Poole]
Sedgefield Community Hospital[Stockton on Tees] St Ann's Hospital[London]
Sefton Suite, Kenilworth Road Diagnostic Centre[Liverpool] St Ann's Hospital Department of Psychiatry[London]
Sefton Suite, University Hospital Aintree[Liverpool] St Anne's Centre[St Leonards on Sea]
Select Orthodontics[Hartlepool] St Anne's Private Dental Centre[Lytham St Annes]
Serenity Place[Salisbury] St Aubyn Centre, The[Colchester]
Service for Adolescents and Families (SAFE)[Enfield] St Austell CAMHS[St Austell]
Sett, The[Northampton] St Austell Community Hospital[St Austell]
Seven Kings Older Adults CMHT[Ilford] St Barnabas Hospice[Lincoln]
Sevenoaks CMHTOP[Sevenoaks] St Barnabas Hospice[Grantham]
Sevenoaks Diagnostic Centre[Sevenoaks] St Barnabas House[Worthing]
Sevenoaks Hospital[Sevenoaks] St Bartholomew's Hospital[London]
Sevenoaks Medical Centre (HCA International)[Sevenoaks] St Benedict's Hospice[Sunderland]
Severalls Hospital[Colchester] St Bernard's Hospital[Southall]
Severn Hospice - Newtown[Newtown] St Cadoc's Hospital[Newport - Gwent]
Severn Hospice - Shrewsbury[Shrewsbury] St Catherine's Health Centre[Birkenhead]
Severn Hospice - Telford[Telford] St Catherine's Hospice[Crawley]
Seward Lodge CMHT[Hertford] St Catherine's Hospice[Preston]
Sexual Health Services[Basingstoke] St Catherine's Hospital[Birkenhead]
Seymour Practice[London] St Catherine's Hospital[Birkenhead]
Shalbourne Suite [Great Western Hospital][Swindon] St Charles Hospital Mental Health Unit[London]
Shandon Consulting Rooms[Edinburgh] St Charles's Hospital[London]
Shawpark Centre[Glasgow] St Christopher's Hospice[London]
Sheffield Breast Screening Unit[Sheffield] St Clare Hospice[Hastingwood]
Sheffield Children's Hospital[Sheffield] St Clements Surgery[Ilford]
Sheffield Forensic CAMHS Service[Sheffield] St Columba's Hospice[Edinburgh]
Sheppey Community Hospital (Virgin Care)[Minster on Sea] St David's Hospital[Cardiff]
Shepton Mallet Community Hospital[Shepton Mallet] St David's House[Swansea]
Shepton Mallet Treatment Centre (Care UK)[Shepton Mallet] St Davids Hospital[Carmarthen]
Shepway CMHTOP[Folkestone] St Dunstan's Clinic[London]
Sherborne OPMHT[Sherborne] St Dunstan's Therapy Centre[Canterbury]
Shine Centre, The[Wigan] St Elizabeth Hospice[Ipswich]
Shipley Hospital[Shipley] St Francis Hospice[Romford]
Shirle Hill Hospital[Sheffield] St Francis House[Chertsey]
Shotley Bridge Hospital[Consett] St Francis Unit[Nottingham]
Shrinkwork[Newcastle under Lyme] St Gemma's Hospice[Leeds]
Shropshire County CLDT[Shrewsbury] St George's Hospital[London]
Shropshire Sexual Health Services[Shrewsbury ] St George's Hospital[Stafford]
Shropshire Skin Clinic[Much Wenlock] St George's Hospital[Sheffield]
Sidmouth Hospital[Sidmouth] St George's Hospital Department of Psychiatry[London]
Silas Marner Ward [George Eliot Hospital][Nuneaton] St George's House[Northampton]
Silverlea[Tiverton] St George's Park Hospital[Morpeth]
Silverwood Child and Family Centre[Great Yarmouth] St Giles House[London]
Simmons House Adolescent Unit[London] St Helen's House[Ipswich]
Simply Perio[Altrincham] St Helena Hospice[Colchester]
Simplyweight Ltd[Bradford] St Helens Hospital[St Helens]
Singleton Hospital[Swansea] St Helier Hospital[Carshalton]
Sir Robert Peel Hospital[Tamworth] St Hugh's Hospital[Grimsby]
Sittingbourne Memorial Hospital (Virgin Care)[Sittingbourne] St James's Hospital[Portsmouth]
Six One One Dental Centre[Sheffield] St James's University Hospital[Leeds]
SK:N Clinic[Newcastle upon Tyne] St James, Child Health Department[King's Lynn]
SK:N Clinic[Aberdeen] St John's Hospice[Doncaster]
SK:N Clinic[Chelmsford] St John's Hospice[Lancaster]
SK:N Clinic Cheltenham[Cheltenham] St John's Hospital at Howden[Livingston]
SK:N Clinic Edinburgh[Edinburgh] St John's House[Diss]
SK:N Clinic Harley Street[London] St John's Institute of Dermatology[London]
SK:N Clinics Wolverhampton[Wolverhampton] St John's Therapy Centre[London]
SK:N Laser Clinic[Leicester] St John's Wood Orthodontic Clinic[London]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network[Sheffield] St Joseph's Hospice[London]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network[Nottingham] St Joseph's Hospital[Newport - Gwent]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network[Glasgow] St Jude's Hospital[Newcastle under Lyme]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network[Epsom] St Julia's Hospice[Hayle]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network[Liverpool] St Leonard's Hospital[Ringwood]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network Harborne Road[Birmingham] St Leonards on Sea CAMHS[St Leonards on Sea]
SK:N Skin Knowledge Network Holborn[London] St Luke's Hospice[Harrow]
SK:N Skin Lasercare[Middlesbrough] St Luke's Hospice[Sheffield]
Skegness & District Hospital[Skegness] St Luke's Hospice[Basildon]
Skin To Love Clinic, The[St Albans] St Luke's Hospice[Plymouth]
Skin360Clinic (and The Angel Laser Clinic)[London] St Luke's Hospital[Armagh]
Skin55, 55 Harley Street[London] St Luke's Hospital[Bradford]
Skincare Network[Barnet] St Luke's Hospital[Market Harborough]
Skipton General Hospital[Skipton] St Lukes Hospital[Oxford]
Skye House[Glasgow] St Magnus Hospital[Haslemere]
Sloane Court Clinic[London] St Margaret of Scotland Hospice[Clydebank]
Sloane Medical Practice[London] St Margaret's Hospice Care[Taunton]
Small Heath Health Centre[Birmingham] St Margaret's Hospital[Auchterarder]
Smallwood House[Redditch] St Margaret's Hospital[Epping]
Smart Clinic - Brompton Cross Clinic, The[London] St Mark's Hospital[Maidenhead]
Smile Specialist Centre, The[Keighley] St Mark's Hospital[Harrow]
SmileLux[Milton Keynes] St Mark's Orthodontic & Specialist Dental Practice[Teddington]
Snapdragons Centre[Rochester] St Martin's Gate Surgery[Worcester]
Solent Foot and Ankle Clinic[Southampton] St Martin's Hospital[Canterbury]
Solent Sexual Health Services[Portsmouth] St Martin's Hospital[Bath]
Solihull Home Treatment and Inpatient Team[Solihull] St Martin's Hospital - Paediatric Audiology[Canterbury]
Solihull Hospital[Solihull] St Mary's Hospital[Kettering]
Somerset Dental Practice[Glasgow] St Mary's Hospital[Manchester]
Somerset House[Shipley] St Mary's Hospital[Newport - Isle of Wight]
Somerset MRI Centre, The[Bridgwater] St Mary's Hospital[Leeds]
Somerset Partnership Palliative Care Team[Bridgwater] St Mary's Hospital Child Development Sevice[London]
Somerset Wide Integrated Sexual Health (SWISH)[Taunton] St Mary's Hospital, Paddington[London]
Sorensen Clinic[London] St Mary's Lodge[Leamington Spa]
Soul Care Aesthetics[Cannock] St Mary's NHS Treatment Centre (Care UK)[Portsmouth]
Source Wellbeing Centre[Belfast] St Marys Sexual Assault Referral Centre[Manchester]
South Bristol CAMHS[Bristol] St Michael's Clinic[Shrewsbury]
South Bristol Community Hospital[Bristol] St Michael's Hospice[Hereford]
South Bristol Community Paediatric Team[Bristol] St Michael's Hospice[Basingstoke]
South Coast Dental Specialists[Dorchester] St Michael's Hospice[Harrogate]
South Derbyshire (CAMHS)[Swadlincote] St Michael's Hospice[St Leonards on Sea]
South Devon CAMHS (Virgin Care)[Dartington] St Michael's Hospital[Hayle]
South Durham CAMHS[Newton Aycliffe] St Michael's Hospital[Warwick]
South East Cardiff CMHT - Links Centre[Cardiff] St Michael's Hospital[Enfield]
South East CMHT[Sheffield] St Michael's Hospital[Bristol]
South East Edinburgh CMHT[Edinburgh] St Michael's Hospital[Braintree]
South East Herts CMHT, Cygnet House[Ware] St Nicholas Hospital[Newcastle upon Tyne]
South East Oxon CMHT[Wallingford] St Oswald's Hospice[Newcastle upon Tyne]
South East Scotland Breast Screening Centre[Edinburgh] St Oswald's Hospital[Ashbourne]
South East Shropshire CMHT[Bridgnorth] St Pancras Hospital[London]
South East Wales Health Protection Team[Cardiff] St Paul's Medical Centre[Cheltenham]
South Gloucestershire CAMHS[Bristol] St Paul's Mental Health Centre[Hemel Hempstead]
South Gloucestershire Community Paediatric Team[Bristol] St Peter & St James Hospice & Continuing Care Centre[Lewes]
South Hams CMHT[Ivybridge] St Peter's (Brentry) Hospice[Bristol]
South Hams Hospital[Kingsbridge] St Peter's Centre[Burnley]
South Kensington and Chelsea Mental Health Centre[London] St Peter's Health Centre[Leicester]
South Kent CAMHS - Ashford[Ashford - Kent] St Peter's Hospital[Maldon]
South Kent Coast CMHT[Folkestone] St Peter's Hospital[Chertsey]
South Kingston CMHT[Surbiton] St Raphael's Hospice[Sutton]
South Leicestershire CMHT[Wigston] St Richard's Hospital[Chichester]
South London Specialist Virology Centre[London] St Thomas' Hospital[London]
South Manchester Diagnostic Centre[Stockport] St Vincent's Hospice[Johnstone]
South Molton Hospital[South Molton] St Wilfrid's Hospice Chichester[Chichester]
South of England Cochlear Implant Centre[Southampton] St Wilfrid's Hospice Eastbourne[Eastbourne]
South Oxfordshire CAMHS[Abingdon] St Woolos Hospital[Newport - Gwent]
South Park Medical Practice[Sevenoaks] Stafford Skincare[Lichfield]
South Petherton Community Hospital[South Petherton] Staffordshire Clinic[Uttoxeter]
South Sefton Neighbourhood Centre[Liverpool] Staffordshire Sexual Health Services[Burton on Trent]
South Side Centre[Edinburgh] Stamford & Rutland Hospital[Stamford]
South Somerset CAMHS[Yeovil] Stanley Health Centre[Stanley]
South Somerset CLDT[Yeovil] Stapleford Care Centre[Nottingham]
South Staffordshire Mental Health Team[Burton Upon Trent] Stapleford House[Chelmsford]
South Tyneside District Hospital[South Shields] Star Clinic[Manchester]
South Tyrone Hospital[Dungannon] Start Occupational Health Limited[Slapton]
South West Acute Hospital[Enniskillen] State Hospital[Carstairs]
South West Buckinghamshire CAMHS and AOT[High Wycombe] Station Plaza Sexual Health Department[Hastings]
South West CMHT - Hamadryad Centre[Cardiff] Stein Centre, The[Birkenhead]
South West Devon Learning Disability Team[Totnes] Stepney and Wapping CMHT[London]
South West Edinburgh CMHT[Edinburgh] Stepping Hill Department of Psychiatry[Stockport]
South West Kent CMHT[Tunbridge Wells] Stepping Hill Hospital[Stockport]
South West Kent MHLD[Tunbridge Wells] STEPS Rehabilitation[Sheffield]
South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre - SWLEOC[Epsom] Steps to Health[Wolverhampton]
South West Oxon CMHT[Witney] Stevenage CAMHS[Stevenage]
South West Surrey CAMHS[Guildford] Stevenage CMHT[Stevenage]
South Westminster Centre for Health[London] Stevenage Sexual Health Clinic[Stevenage]
South Westminster Community Recovery Team[London] Stewart House[Sheffield]
South Wiltshire CMHT, Fountain Way[Salisbury] Stewart House[Hartlepool]
South Woodham Ferrers Clinic[Chelmsford] Stewart Resource Centre[Glasgow]
South Wrekin Older Adults CMHT[Dawley] Steyning Health Centre[Steyning]
South Wychavon Older Adult CMHT[Pershore] Sthetix Cosmetic Surgery Clinic[Liverpool]
Southam Clinic[Southam] Stirling Community Hospital[Stirling]
Southampton Central CMHT[Southampton] Stobhill Hospital[Glasgow]
Southampton CLDT[Southampton] Stockdale House[Leeds]
Southampton East OPMHT[Southampton] Stockland Green Health Centre[Birmingham]
Southampton General Hospital[Southampton] Stockport Imaging Centre[Stockport]
Southampton NHS Treatment Centre (Care UK)[Southampton] Stockport Older People's Mental Health Service[Stockport]
Southampton West CMHT[Southampton] Stockton CAMHS[Stockton on Tees]
Southbank Child Centre[Glasgow] Stoke Health Centre[Honeywall]
Southbrook CMHT[London] Stoke Mandeville Hospital[Aylesbury]
Southend University Hospital[Westcliff on Sea] Stoke on Trent Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic[Stoke on Trent]
Southend University Hospital Dept of Occupational Health[Southend on Sea] Stonebow Unit[Hereford]
Southfield House[Leeds] Stonebridge Centre[Nottingham]
Southfield Low Secure Unit[Southampton] Stonehouse Hospital[Larkhall]
Southlands Hospital[Shoreham by Sea] Stoneygate Clinic, The[Leicester]
Southmead Hospital[Bristol] Stourbridge Orthodontic Clinic[Stourbridge]
Southmead Hospital Department of Psychiatry[Bristol] Stourbridge Physiotherapy Practice, The[Stourbridge]
Southport & Formby District General Hospital[Southport] Stow Health[Stowmarket]
Southport Centre for Health and Wellbeing[Southport] Stow Lodge Centre[Stowmarket]
Southsea Orthodontic Practice[Southsea] Strabane Health Centre[Strabane]
Southview Low Secure Unit[Hellingly] Stracathro Hospital[Brechin]
Southwark Child and Family Service[London] Stratford Clinic, The[Stratford upon Avon ]
Southwark MAP North Team[London] Stratford Healthcare[Stratford upon Avon]
Southwark South MAP Team[London] Stratford Hospital[Stratford upon Avon]
Southway Clinic[Plymouth] Strathcarron Hospice[Denny]
Sovereign Private Practice ESOPS Ltd[Eastbourne] Stratheden Hospital[Cupar]
Space Clinic[Edinburgh] Stratton Hospital[Bude]
Spamedica Clinic[Manchester] Stratum Clinics Ltd[Oxford]
Specialist CAMHS South - Thorneywood[Nottingham] Strawberry How Clinic[Cockermouth]
Specialist Dental[Guildford] Streamline Surgical LLP[Harrow]
Specialist Dental Care[London] Street Lane Surgery[Leeds]
Specialist Dental Clinic, The[Holywood] Stretford Memorial Hospital[Manchester]
Specialist Dental Services[London] Stroud General Hospital[Stroud]
Specialist Mobility Rehabilitation Centre[Preston] Suchi Medical Ltd[Grimsby]
Specialist Psychosis Service[Braintree] Sudbury Community Health Centre[Sudbury]
Specialist Psychotherapy Service[Sheffield] Sue Ryder - Duchess of Kent Hospice[Reading]
Specialist Weight Management Team[Bolton] Sue Ryder - Leckhampton Court Hospice[Cheltenham]
Spectrum Consulting[St Helier] Sue Ryder - Nettlebed Hospice[Henley-on-Thames]
Spedding Dental Clinic[Carlisle] Sue Ryder - St John's Hospice[Bedford]
Spencer Private Hospital [QEQM Hospital], The[Margate] Sue Ryder - Thorpe Hall[Peterborough]
Spencer Private Hospitals Consulting Suite, Arundel Unit[Ashford - Kent] Sue Ryder - Wheatfields Hospice[Leeds]
Spinal Foundation, The[Tenterden] Suffolk Orthodontic Practice[Ipswich]
Spine Care UK[Preston] Summercroft Surgery[Orpington]
Spine Surgery London, The[London] Summerfield Healthcare[Wolverhampton]
Spinney, The[Manchester] Summerfield House[Aberdeen]
Spire Abergele Consulting Rooms[Abergele] Summit, The[London]
Spire Alexandra Hospital[Chatham] Sunderland and South Tyneside Children and Young People's Services[Sunderland]
Spire Bristol Hospital[Bristol] Sunderland Children's Centre[Sunderland]
Spire Bushey Diagnostic Centre[Elstree] Sunderland CTT[Sunderland]
Spire Bushey Hospital[Bushey] Sunderland Eye Infirmary[Sunderland]
Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital[Cambridge] Sunderland Royal Hospital[Sunderland]
Spire Cardiff Hospital[Cardiff] Sunflowers Court[Ilford]
Spire Cheshire Hospital[Warrington] Sunshine Clinic, The[Woking]
Spire Clare Park Hospital[Farnham] Sunshine House Community Services[London]
Spire Clinic Cheltenham Spa[Cheltenham] Surgery House Dental Practice[Yateley]
Spire Clinic Droitwich, The[Droitwich] Surgery, The[London]
Spire Dewsbury Clinic at Longlands Consulting Rooms[Dewsbury] Surgical Aesthetics[London]
Spire Dunedin Consulting Rooms[Reading] Surgicentre[Rotherham]
Spire Dunedin Hospital[Reading] Surrey & Hampshire ENT Partnership, The[Farnham]
Spire Elland Hospital[Elland] Surrey and Sussex Health Protection Unit[Horsham]
Spire Fylde Coast Hospital[Blackpool] Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic, The[Guildford]
Spire Gatwick Park Hospital[Horley] Surrey Eating Disorder Services[Farnham]
Spire Harpenden Hospital[Harpenden] Surrey Headache Service[Guildford]
Spire Harrogate Clinic[Harrogate] Surrey Heath CMHRS[Frimley]
Spire Hartswood Hospital[Brentwood] Surrey Heath OPMHT[Frimley]
Spire Healthcare Livingston Clinic[Livingston] Surrey Park Clinic[Guildford]
Spire Hesslewood Clinic[Hessle] Susan Carnegie Centre[Brechin]
Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital[Hull] Sussex Community Dermatology Service[Worthing]
Spire Ilkley Clinic[Ilkley] Sussex Eye Hospital[Brighton]
Spire Leeds Hospital[Leeds] Sussex Medical Chambers[Brighton]
Spire Leicester Hospital[Leicester] Sussex Orthopaedic NHS Treatment Centre[Haywards Heath]
Spire Little Aston Hospital[Sutton Coldfield] Sussex Rehab Centre[Brighton]
Spire Liverpool Hospital[Liverpool] Sutherland Centre, The[Stoke on Trent]
Spire London East Hospital[Redbridge] Sutton and Merton Complex Needs Service[Wallington]
Spire London Fertility Centre [112A Harley Street][London] Sutton and Merton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Team[Mitcham]
Spire Lytham Clinic[Lytham St Annes] Sutton CAMHS[Wallington]
Spire Manchester Clinic Hale[Hale] Sutton Coldfield CMHT[Sutton Coldfield]
Spire Manchester Hospital[Manchester] Sutton Cottage Hospital[Sutton Coldfield]
Spire Methley Park Hospital[Leeds] Sutton Hospital[Sutton]
Spire Murrayfield Hospital [Edinburgh][Edinburgh] Sutton House Consulting Rooms[Warrington]
Spire Murrayfield Hospital [Wirral][Wirral] Sutton Medical Consulting Centre[Sutton Coldfield]
Spire Norwich Hospital[Norwich] Sutton Older People's CMHT[Cheam]
Spire Nottingham Hospital[Nottingham] SW11 Medical Clinic[London]
Spire Parkway Hospital[Solihull] Swadlincote Health Centre[Swadlincote]
Spire Portsmouth Hospital[Portsmouth] Swale CMHT[Sittingbourne]
Spire Regency Hospital[Macclesfield] Swallownest Court[Sheffield]
Spire Shawfair Park Hospital[Edinburgh] Swanage Hospital[Swanage]
Spire South Bank Hospital[Worcester] Swansea Consulting Rooms[Swansea]
Spire Southampton Hospital[Southampton] Swansea Laser Clinic[Swansea]
Spire Specialist Care Centre[Bristol] Swanwick Lodge[Swanwick]
Spire St Anthony's Hospital[North Cheam] SWIMS Ltd[Solihull]

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